Reviews from Clients

Very thoughtful and caring practitioner. I left with enough resources, inspiration and clarity to start making positive changes in my life.

–   Neven Borojevic, Gold Coast (Jan 2019)

Thought provoking and inspirational in getting in touch with your own thoughts and emotions. Amity coaching has made a positive difference in my life. Having Malise guidance in life has created a more calming existence for me. Giving me the passion and focus to make and achieve goals.

–   Sakari Skehan, Gold Coast, 22 years old (Aug 2018)

Malise was amazing! She was so thorough and really knows her stuff! Was super blessed by your coaching services and would recommend Malise to ANYONE. everyone should have a session with Amity Coaching once in their life!

–  Amy Panella, Gold Coast, 23 years old  (Jul 2018)

I found that I had so many goals that I wanted achieve, but wasn’t achieving any. Malise helped me prioritise and structure my goals using “tidy” language. Having a plan to achieve and being equipped with tools to assist me has allowed me to feel so much more dedicated and committed to my goals and finally feel that I can actually do this. Malise has great patience and helped me understand the processes NLP uses so that I can not only achieve my goals, but make them lifetime habits. Everything clearly is in our head, we only limit ourselves based on preconceived ideas and beliefs. Malise helps you clear through the clutter of limiting beliefs so you can be free to achieve your goals.

I highly recommend Malise as a professional NLP practitioner. Her guiding and caring nature makes the sessions warm and supportive.

– Cas Stewart, Brisbane, 30 years old (Jul 2018)

Malise has helped me tackle issues I was not aware were there in the first place. Not only does she help with problem solving but also assists with setting clear end goals with specific timelines that hugely impact my motivation in actually completing the goals.

– Liina Neeme, Melbourne, 24 years old (Jan 2018)





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