My Services

I work with individuals, secondary schools, tertiary institutions, training colleges, sports and youth organisations, and anyone who wishes to improve their life.

Private coaching and counselling

Amity Coaching provides one-on-one coaching sessions with a special “neuro linguistic” twist. Fast, subconscious changes will occur using powerful NLP techniques. Each session will be carefully calibrated to ensure you are getting the most out of your time. The evidence will be in the results. I guarantee you finally start hitting your targets and making dreams come true! The purpose of coaching is to have an expert outside guide establish your trajectory to your goals. Then your coach will work with you to remove the struggles and limiting beliefs (aka the roadblocks) you encounter on the way. Amity Coaching utilises cutting-edge NLP to accelerate your results. Use my services if you are requiring personal guidance in any area, seeking clarity and an improved life-balance, wishing to learn how to design your life, needing help with personal drama cycles, seeking help for limiting beliefs or simply need a coach to guide you along to your next break-through.

Motivational presentations & speaking engagements

Depending on your audience, I have a multitude of experience to draw from and a vast pool of knowledge to create a bespoke motivational presentation for students or workplaces. Specifically focused on personal empowerment, simplistic guidance and redirecting passionate focus back onto personal and group desires, Amity Coaching has the perfect motivational presentation waiting for you.

Coaching workshops for your organisation

Amity Coaching provides single workshops for student groups or ongoing workshops dependent on your budget or program timelines. In addition, Amity Coaching has various workshops available for workplace development, either individually or as a group. Each workshop framework generally consists of:

  • Cause Vs Effect
  • Personal and Workplace Values Elicitation
  • The Wheel of Life
  • The Weakest Link
  • Goal Setting
  • The Drama Cycle
  • Tidy Language
  • Understanding Awareness
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Resilience

Annual coaching events

Amity Coaching will come to your next careers expo, trade fair, or charity fundraiser. I offer demonstrations, free sample resources, and individual mini coaching sessions throughout the day.

Mentorships for school students

Amity Coaching will work with your child on an individual basis in a specialised program (usually 10 weeks/10 sessions – negotiable) to guide them towards clarity, understanding and personal empowerment and lead them to making the best next choice for their life.

Resource mini books for teaching

Amity Coaching has a rich library of tried and tested practical tools and information to share via mini resource books.

Self-guided learning books

Currently in development.




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