My Philosophy, Values, Mission & Guarantee

My Philosophy: Every young adult entering the next stage of life can have the capacity to live a life of purpose with a clear dream and vision that perfectly matches their passions and desires.

My Values: Amity Coaching is committed to: being at cause, clear communication, creative inspiration, evolutionary empowerment, in-the-flow, personal integrity, forward-thinking, resilience, and truth-seeking.

My Mission: At Amity Coaching we help young adults by facilitating clear connections amongst their talents and skills, their past choices, and their personal desires. Together, we assist in designing a life rich in passion, inspiration and value, with clear goals and a new driver / creator mindset, free of limited conditioned thinking.  Amity Coaching will bring you to a place where you believe in what you are doing and feel like you can design your future with an enhanced understanding of your creative powers. I promote personal commitment to being at cause and therefore, to go forth and live an empowered life filled with joy and resilience.

Detailed Mission Statement:

Amity Coaching is committed to providing life changing coaching services, to enable any individual to reach a higher standard of emotional and physical well-being. The following will assist in achieving this vision:

To develop a strong and positive rapport with each client in order to build full commitment and enable the best possible outcome.

To find out what will truly make the client happy right now.

To teach the client that life is a wheel of balance and each area of life is interconnected with all the other parts.

To ensure the client understands that there is a struggle involved in every achievement and that the coach is there to guide them through each roadblock.

To recognise and celebrate each step of achievement that leads to a positive change, in turn, keeping the client on the trajectory that leads to the biggest victory.

To teach the client that they are the captain and the coach is the navigator who can provide answers that they cannot see in their position as themselves.

To aid the client in recognising and building on their strengths, challenging their current reality and finding solutions that are outside of their former scope.

To be the best possible role model and bring the best possible presence to each workshop, presentation and program.

To maintain the highest level of integrity and unbiased opinion on every client, regardless of their gender, ethnic, social or religious background.

To teach the client the importance of being present.

My Guarantee: My philosophy is that every young adult entering the workforce has the capacity to live a life of purpose with a clear dream and vision that perfectly matches their passions and desires. I believe we can provide a clear, personalised and inspired path for each and every individual who completes one of the Amity Coaching programs. Should this not be the case, I will gladly refund that individuals fee.



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