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Session Details:

Just one session will guarantee results in your life. 

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $150

Location: My office is located in Mermaid Waters (behind Pacific Fair) or I can meet you in a quiet public place if appropriate for your circumstances.

Provisions: Fact Sheets, Homework, Personalised Rituals.

Pre-Session Coaching Questions

Please consider the following questions before you book in and we can ensure you hit the ground running:

    1. What is it you need to achieve/fix/focus on improving?
    1. What actions have you taken so far that have not worked for you?
    1. What positive results/opportunities/benefits have occurred so far?
    1. What are the main challenges you are facing?
  1. Why do you think you are having trouble in this area?

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Or call me on 0481 675 729.

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