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Goal Setting for Young Adults:  Build Joy & Resilience!

Amity Coaching provides clear, concise, practical, and powerful coaching and mind mastery knowledge, utilising radical Neuro Linguistic Programming. Especially designed for young adults seeking simplicity and direction at the start of their adult lives, Amity Coaching guarantees effective results.

My expertise lies in facilitating young adults leaving the “nest” by providing clarity, vision, goal setting and road mapping for their lives. I help young people design their life and achieve their heart felt desires by providing personal insight, empowerment, practical tools and removing limiting conditioned behaviour. My end goal is to reduce the number of young adults starting out their lives with no clear direction through my individual coaching sessions, workshops, and resources materials.

Not feeling confident or capable? Procrastinating? Emotionally & mentally drained? Uncertain about your life choices? Let me help you…just one session will change everything.

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